Author = Chehab, Mohamad
Travel Medicine in Qatar: Strategic Action for Better Public Health Outcome

Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 137-138


Mohamad Abdul Halim Chehab; Mohamed Bala; Ayman Al-Dahshan

Malaria Chemoprophylaxis for Travelers: The Knowledge of Physicians in the State of Qatar, 2017

Volume 6, Issue 2, May 2018, Pages 69-75


Ahmad Bawazir; Devendra Bansal; Mohamad Chehab; Ayman Al-Dahshan; Mohamed Bala; Hamad Al-Romaihi; Maha Al-Shamali; Mohamed Al-Hajri; Soha Al-Bayat; Mohammed Al-Thani; Elmoubasher Farag

Travel Medicine in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2018, Pages 35-35


Ayman Al-Dahshan; Mohamad Abdul Halim Chehab; Mohamed Bala