How to Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Document Type : Perspective


SOS Hungary Medical Assistance Service, Budapest, Hungary



As countries worldwide are beginning to end their lockdowns due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, travel and tourism are again becoming possible. However, pre-pandemic travel practices are not likely to resume for some time, at least until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. The current time is a crucial one that requires us to reconsider our strategies to protect health and prevent travel-related diseases. This article therefore addresses various considerations for the resumption of tourist activities and the near future of travel, such as pre-travel medical counseling, personal hygiene, luggage handling, food safety, and measures to ensure safety on airplanes and in hotels. These considerations may aid in delineating a way forward for the travel industry and for travelers alike. Author believes that this article is especially timely and of interest not only for travel medicine specialists but all participants in the field of travel business.