Travel Medicine as an Important Aspect of Global Health; Much Still Need to be Done

Document Type : Editorial


1 Research and Technology Deputy of the Ministry of Health, Iran

2 Chemical Injuries Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

3 International Travel Medicine Center of Iran, Tehran, Iran

Nowadays, traveling to different countries and even different cities is an avoidable necessity of modern life and socioeconomic development. Although technological advancements have made travel easer, many difficulties and disorders appear themselves more and more. In medical fields, many regional diseases, particularly infectious diseases, can be easier transmitted and this make release of epidemic outbreaks more frequents. On the other hand, many non-infectious diseases such as motion sickness and etc occur during traveling. Therefore, regards to medical disorders in travel have become prominent since some past decades. [1]

Notwithstanding, the importance of these disorders is undeniable and medical researcher should raise more specific research projects in this area. “How to protect against infection, prevention of diseases and medical care after returning from a trip?” is a serious question of studies focused on travel medicine. When you search topics of travel medicine and global health in valid database such as PubMed, you can find that the trend of number of publications in this field is incredibly increasing during the last three decade, (Figure-1) but there are very few special journals in this field. [2]

International Journal of Travel Medicine and Global Health (IJTMGH) as a peer-review multidisciplinary journal was held by an international and academic research center for travel medicine and global health which was supported by many experts and researchers in various countries. The aim and scope of IJTMGH is to publish high quality and high priority articles to provide scientists, researcher, and passengers for more valid findings in this field.

Malaria, hepatitis, AIDS, influenza and other diseases which have a prominent role in traveler’s diseases are the main diseases have been discussed in IJTMGH. Medical information related to veteran’s issues, the mentally and physically disabled, business travel, the elderly, pregnancy, lactating woman, dialysis patients, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and pulmonary issues have also been accepted. IJTMGH welcomes original, review, cases report, case series and letter to editor manuscript.