Inferior mandibular border osteotomy after reduction genioplasty: a new technique

Document Type : Case Report


Maxillofacial surgeon, private practice, Tehran, Iran.



The chin plays an important role in aesthetic harmony, especially in the lower third of the face, its prominence and vertical length have a great impact on the profile of the face. Bone genioplasty is a functional surgery that provides the possibility of correcting chin defects in three horizontals, vertical and transverse levels by sliding, jumping, reduction and centralizing methods. Today, a V-shaped elongated chin is very desirable. The final result of the surgeries is always accompanied by a step that creates an additional angle in the jaw and overshadows the V-shaped chin surgery and makes the patient look older. In the present work, a new modified method based on inferior mandibular border osteotomy reduction of distal bone is presented, based on which the step created in the old methods is replaced with a gentle angle. For this purpose, a comparison has been made between the old reduction method and the modified method performed on two female patients. In both cases, X-ray radiography, photo slides and general examination of the patient, was utilized for discussion and investigation. The results showed well that the applied method can provide a perfect and very compliant surgery without creating an additional step and angle. In the corrected state, the absence of the angle made the patient's age appear as her own.