Factors Affecting the Preferences of Primigravida Women for Choosing a Public Hospital

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Health Services Management, Tehran North Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: Finding the factors affecting patients tendency to a hospital, can improve the health system. The purpose of this study was to recognize the factors affecting primigravidaspreferences to select a public hospital, in order to determine the correlation on these preferences.
Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 220 primigravida women who had admitted for delivery or cesarean in the Kamali public hospital in Karaj were selected using random sampling in 2014. Data collected by semi-structured questionnaire were analyzed by using structural equation modeling method and Lisrel Software.
Results: Among the six studied indicators (services, processes, providers, cost, advertisements, and place), the most effective factor was the type of service (regression weight 0.89), and the lowest effective factor was services cost (regression weight 0.64). Moreover, providers and services had the most correlation and processes and services cost had the least correlation. 
Conclusion: The clients requests must be considered to improve the quality and quantity of services and processes. Authorities should try to solve medical problems and provide medical facilities and welfare in hospitals in order to attract clients’ confidence.


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