Health Tourism Development Strategies in Ardabil


Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University, Meshgin Shahr Branch, Ardabil, Iran


Introduction: Health tourism industry is growing in border provinces of the country, especially in the areas where tourists feel more comfortable as a result of distance from stressful urban life. This research was done to promote Health Tourism Industry in Ardabil.

Methods: This is an analytic study. The data were gathered by means of library technique from academic sites as well as experts' opinions. Then, 20 questionnaires were distributed among administrators and political authorities of health tourism. At last, the results were analyzed by SPSS software.

Results: According to the findings, factors affecting the development of health tourism in Ardabil were prioritized. The most important factors were as follows: costs, infrastructure, target market, services.

Conclusion: Considering the great potential development of health tourism industry in Ardabil due to hot mineral water, comprehensive and operational planning in this regard is required to push the province at the top of this industry in Iran.


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