Interaction of Economic Indicators and Medical Tourism Industry


1 Shahid Ashrafi Isfahani University, Isfahan, Iran

2 Mazandaran University, Sari, Iran

3 Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

4 Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran


Medical tourism is one of the subdirectories of tourism in order to receive health care in other countries. It has become a major industry in the global arena. According to the great potential of this industry in Iran, is essential to paying more attention to this branch of tourism, economic effect and also the effect of economic indicators on tourism industry. Therefore, this paper examines the interaction of economic indicators and medical tourism using descriptive and qualitative content analysis.
The results show that medical tourism is helping the sustainable development and economy dynamism through exchange gaining, creating jobs and etc. This type of tourism is more profitable than the other subdirectories of tourism and considers the sustainable development of tourism destinations in a more appropriate manner.
Also growth rate of this branch of tourism is more than the other sub-categories of tourism, which due to the large impact on job creation, Making Foreign Currency and sustainable tourism development required that the government and private sectors accurately and consistently work on investment development and appropriate infrastructure in this sector centering primary medical services.


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