Safe Travel during the Period of Emerging Zika Virus Infection



1 Public Health Curriculum, Surin Rajabhat University, Thailand

2 Hainan Medical University, China

Zika virus infection has become a worldwide public health problem that needs everyone’s attention. This dengue-like illness is classified as an arboviral infection and has already been seen in several countries around the world. Apart from simple transmission by mosquito, the disease is reported to be transmittable through sexual contact and blood transfusion. In travel medicine, the importation and exportation of the disease is a grave concern. How to travel safely is another big issue in travel medicine. Since there is still no effective vaccine against the Zika virus, selfprevention is advisable.
First, avoiding travel to endemic areas when not necessary is suggested. However, it should be noted that due to the expansion of the outbreak area and the emerging modes of disease transmission, the disease might occur anywhere around the world. Preventing mosquito bites and safe sex are basic rules. Second, one must be checked for illness after travel; early detection of the disease might be useful in its management. In travel medicine, delivering updates on the disease through international collaboration and online data exchange is a key... (Read more...)

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